Selasa, 27 Mei 2014


Nama               : Ineu Maelani
Kelas               : 4EA21
NPM               : 13210547


Guys, actually my daily activities  is very tired. Why ? Because my daily activities besides as a college student, i’m  also as a employee. Therefore, manage time is very  important to me. Everyday, I usually get up early in the morning at 05.00 a.m and  pray Subuh. Next  At 05.30 am, I brush my teeth ,take a bath and breakfast. After that about at 6.30 am i go to work. I go to work every day by motorcycle. Guys, Now I’m  working  in Central Asia Bank (BCA).  Do you know BCA ? of course ever people know about this bank. Because BCA  is the largest banking company in Indonesia.  Working in BCA of course  make  my parents proud of me. I’m working as a customer service or frontliner.  My office is located in cibubur. It is very  far from my house. But i dont give up because  I’m  happy working  as a frontliner in BCA. I think frontliner is very interesting. Why? Because I can communicate well  with customer, solve they problem, smile everday and of course increase my knowledge about banking. I usually start  work at 08.15 am  to 17.00 pm. At 12.00 am i usually lunch with my office mate. I have many office mate in BCA. At 13.00 pm back to work again. Totally, I’m very glad working in this bank. Because working in the bank is my passion when i was child.  After work, at 17.30 pm  I usually go to campus. Now, i’m studying in gunadarma university. Gunadarma university is one of  university  computer technology that populer in indonesia.  But I choose majoring  in economic. Why i choose economics ? because i want to work in bank of indonesia. So, i must learn more  about the economics.  Ok, back to my daily activity, i arrived in campus usually at 18.15 pm, after that i pray magrib and go to class for study. i usually start study  at 06.30 pm until 21.00 pm. Huhh... you can  imagine guys my daily so busy . After my class finish, around 21.00 pm  i go to home.  About at 21.30 pm i arrived at home. take a rest for a moment,  take a bath, dinner and study if task from my campus and dont forget to pray isya.  After that sometimes i usually watch TV. And finally,  I go to bed at 22.00 p.m. have a nice dream.

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